The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows – Sydney J Harris

Very often the most neglected area in the face of an individual's career growth is lack of development planning. 

Effectiveness in skill sets of the human resource in an organization is critical as the success of the business largely depend on how well an individual is equipped with training. Hiring talent is no more difficult but the challenge is in retaining good talent. There are several reasons why most organizations fail to retain their best talent. Recent research states that it is not monitory or designations that is causing retention tensions but lack of good development planning for their staff and providing space, time and resources for growth and development in terms of skills.

PoundHead though a new organization in the space of ‘Training and Development’ but has a strong foundation and loads of experience in terms of the understanding as to what the doctor orders in today’s business world for staff development, career growth, increased team cohesion, higher efficiency and productivity with a good work life balance.

We at PoundHead believe in return on investment. We consult to our clients on how training or learning and development can be structured, mapped, analyzed and followed up for results at various levels within an operational set up.